Stoic AI

Stoic AI – No More Financial Bias

What is Stoic AI?

It is an automatic crypto trading bot. Stoic AI serves as a crypto-quant hedge fund, saves you time and helps you avoid trading mistakes. The app will manage your crypto portfolio on Binance using algorithms. Users don’t have to do any manual trading.

The app was created by Cindicator which combines opinions of numerous distinct forecasts from various countries, each with their own professional and personal experiences. The outcomes are sold to hedge funds and traders seeking an advantage since they are almost always more accurate than even the most knowledgeable view.


Fixed Income: Multi-cycle strategy
– Strong performance strategy with lower risk and moderate returns.
– Purchases and shorts assets on the Futures market.

Long Short: ETH-based market swings
– High-performance, Ethereum based strategy with higher risk but big returns.
– Trades ETH during strong swings on both the long and short sides.

Long Only: Uptrend king
– Long-term strategy with moderate risk and high upside potential.
– Puts long positions in the top 30 coins and sells those that are estimated to decrease.

Stoic AI strategies


Trading Strategies Examples


Starter – $9┬áper month
Portfolio: $1K – $3.5K
– If you are getting started with crypto investing

Plus – $25┬áper month
Portfolio: $3.5K – $10K
– If you are advanced or professional

Pro – 5% in crypto
Portfolio: $10K+
– If you are seasoned investor or corporation

Getting Started With Stoic AI

1. Sign up for the Stoic app.
2. Connect your Binance/Coinbase account and view the free demo.
3. No transfers needed for your funds.
4. Choose a pricing plan and forget about manual trading!