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Purchases & Refunds

Your payment may be rejected by a number of reasons. Some of them could be:

1) You have provided incorrect card/bank details.
2) You have insufficient funds in your account.
3) The maximum transaction limit is surpassed.
4) Your credit or debit card is expired or canceled.
5) Our system has found a security threat or suspicious activity.

If some kind of a problem has occurred with any of our products, you can contact us via email and explain the issue. Customers can potentially get a refund if our developer team cannot resolve the problem.


If you have used the "bank transfer" option for a payment, you will gain access to the product once the money has arrived in our bank account. However, there should not be such problems with credit/debit card or other forms of payments.


Lifetime access or 3 retakes are guaranteed for every customer who has purchased a course.

Issues with purchased courses disappearing could occur if the customer has not logged in their profile/account. Furthermore, if the client has exceeded the allowed course retakes - 3, the course could stop showing.

The minimum overall score on our quizzes for successfully finishing and getting a certificate is 75%. 3 quiz retakes are allowed for every separate one.

The answer is absolutely yes! This course will provide inexperienced customers with good explanations and an excellent knowledge base. Moreover, this program gives a solid foundation for successful investments and further development in the crypto sphere!

The answer is absolutely yes! This course will provide already advanced customers with clear explanations of complicated processes and an excellent knowledge improvement. Furthermore, this program will improve the success rate of crypto investments and will provide the ability to make passive income!

Coupons & Discounts

Coupons could be found on Edunance's Instagram page, website or through "special offer" emails. However, emails can only be received through free subscription which will give you access to special promotions.

Our coupons are created in order to give customers additional discounts. These promotional codes should be applied during the checkout process.

Your coupon may be rejected due to some of the below-mentioned reasons:

1) The coupon has expired. These discount tickets are valid for a specific period of time
2) You are trying to apply a coupon to the wrong product. Some coupons may be designed for specific products.
3) You have already used the coupon
4) Some coupons cannot be applied to an already discounted product

Coupons can only be used separately and not combined. That way, everyone receives the same discount and a fair treatment.


A subscription to our Newsletter not only provides you with the hottest news but also gives you access to special offers and discounts. These benefits are only received through email.

We always adhere to our policy of sending only quality information to our clients. However, if you wish to unsubscribe, you can do this by scrolling to the bottom of every email sent by Edunance. There you will find the "unsubscribe" option.

Typically no more than two times a month are emails sent to each customer. We strictly abide by our policy of only sending quality news and offers to clients.

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