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We provide certainty in an uncertain market

we believe

We believe...

that crypto is the future of finance and that it has the power to revolutionize the world by providing an alternative to traditional fiat money.

we believe

Why we do it?

Our mission is to create a community of informed and successful crypto investors who are prepared to move the expanding digital economy with confidence and success.

why we do it

Our goal...

is to accelerate crypto adoption.

Martin Edunance Founder

I am Martin, the founder of Edunance. My story began around 2018 when I became interested in investing. However, I first started with stocks. I learned technical analysis, all the indicators, read most of the important daily news and I quickly became profitable. However, at some point I got a bit bored of stock investing because it was getting obsolete and was very slow. That’s when I heard about cryptocurrency.

I was very skeptical about crypto at first and I even disliked it. However, I started investing in crypto around 2019 and quickly saw it’s potential to make money. At first, I was into it just for the profits. However, as I went down the rabbit hole by doing more and more research, I realized that crypto could change the banking and financial industry forever. 

After spending some time in the crypto industry, I realized that most people invest in cryptocurrency without having a clue of what they are doing. Most of the times they are following the advise of somebody on YouTube or TikTok. These people were unaware of the potential of crypto. I decided that I should give online courses to people and show them the truth about the technology. My mission was to educate them and show them everything about crypto, it’s potential and how to make money with it. I teamed up with experienced crypto investors to create crypto courses on trading, mining, NFTs, basic and advanced crypto concepts.